The Chandelier shakes, rattles and explodes at Bass Hall Sept. 24-Oct. 5

Twenty one years ago, The Phantom of the Opera made its first visit to Bass Hall. With it came the show’s famously volatile chandelier, manically swaying, spitting fog and, finally, crash landing mere inches away from the audience.

The new production of The Phantom, coming to Bass Hall later this month, features an all-new Chandelier. Read on to meet the temperamental star of this legendary show.


This new chandelier was designed by Howard Eaton, who designed the Olympic rings for the 2012 London ceremonies (above).

The Chandelier weighs one ton.

More than 6,000 crystals line the Chandelier, and there are exactly 632 crystals on each strand.


There are 50 pyro elements. Before each performance, the pyrotechnic crew (above) spends 30 minutes stripping the old pyro and installing the new pyro for that performance.

The Chandelier drops 10 feet per second. The total range of movement for the crash effect is 32 feet, two inches.

It takes the carpentry department 30 minutes to install and dress the Chandelier in the silks that cover it before its big reveal at t the beginning of the show.

All of the elements in the Chandelier are controlled wirelessly, including the pyro effects, lights and fog.

The Phantom of the Opera will be at Bass Performance Hall Sept. 24-Oct. 5 (best ticket availability is Sept. 30-Oct. 5). Get tickets here.



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