LATE NITE CATECHISM returns to Fort Worth with brand-new show!

Attention, class! The LATE NITE CATECHISM series returns to Bass Performance Hall’s McDavid Studio with a brand-new show! ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Late Nite Catechism 3 features Sister (played by Denise Fennell) sharing her words of, ahem, wisdom about the most sacred of sacred vows: marriage.

Sister, er, we mean, Fennell, chatted with us about this brand-new show, which comes to McDavid Studio March 27-31.

Sister Act: Denise Fennell plays the role of Sister in LATE NITE CATECHISM.

Sister, you’re coming back to Fort Worth! What is ‘Til Death Do Us Part all about?
I love the Fort Worth audiences and thank them for always welcoming me back. After teaching the students of Fort Worth all about the countless number of saints, venial sins, guilt, limbo and more, Sister is now offering up her hilarious lessons on the Sacraments of Marriage and Last Rites. As always, each performance is unique and depends on the audience interactions. Fort Worth audiences never disappoint – they always give me a lot to work with. I can assure you no two shows are ever the same!

We hear Sister has come up with a fun little game show.
Yes, It is called the Compatibility Game. It’s the Catholic church’s answer to online dating game. I really think it’s Shark Tank-worthy.

Tell us a little bit about the woman underneath the habit.
Careful there that question could get you into some trouble with the Big Guy upstairs! In Fort Worth, when I’m not doing the show I love to walk around Sundance Square (sometimes in my habit) and eat and drink WINE at some of the local spots. Yes, “Sister” drinks WINE. After all, my Husband invented it!

I also love the Title Boxing Club and every time I’m in Fort Worth I head on over to 4th Street wrap up my knuckles and hit the bag for a few rounds before class.

The woman behind the habit: actress Denise Fennell.

Late Nite is good for the whole family, right?
One of the things I love about the show is that its good clean humor. It’s always fun to have the children in classroom. It gives me a chance to explain to them how “ALEXA” is a SIN.

What’s the best marriage advice Sister can give?
Find someone you can stand to be with for the rest or your life!

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Late Nite Catechism 3 is playing March 27-31 at McDavid Studio, 301 E. 4th St., adjacent to Bass Performance Hall. For tickets, call 817-212-4280 or purchase  online

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