This is not a typo! Book of ‘Moron’ coming to Bass Hall’s McDavid Studio!

This is not an auto-correct fail! There really is a show called THE BOOK OF MORON and it’s coming to Bass Hall’s McDavid Studio July 27-31!

THE BOOK OF MORON is creator Robert Dubac’s follow-up to his critically-acclaimed one-man-show, THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON?, which played at McDavid Studio in 2015.

Likewise, THE BOOK OF MORON is receiving critical kudos. The New York Times raved: “Riding shotgun with intelligence and absurdity, THE BOOK OF MORON crashes head first into the barriers of sex, race, religion, politics and the media. It may be offensive to some but there’s laughter for all!”

Robert Dubac belongs to a unique breed of humorists, bringing to mind the best of Lily Tomlin and Mark Twain. He creates characters that boggle our minds with biting wit and rapid-fire satire while simultaneously crafting a simple story that binds us all together.

874651_f70648fd246d24caea6826bbd23e29c4.jpg_srz_339_545_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.jpgHis ability to combine the raucous laughter of stand-up comedy with the thrill of live theater continues to fill seats everywhere.

In THE BOOK OF MORON, Dubac portrays ROBERT, an everyman who has lost sight of the bigger picture. He’s been bombarded by so much hype and spin he can’t remember who he is or what he believes. Does he have a purpose? Can he think for himself? Is the truth in the details or in the pudding? He hasn’t a clue. He racks his brain searching for answers but finds nothing but voices.

It’s all for one and one for all as ROBERT’S inner voices take him on a freight train of provocative thought to find the bigger picture and wake up from the coma of modern day life.

McDavid Studio is at 301 E. 5th St., adjacent to Bass Performance Hall.

Tickets are $30-$40 and are on sale now! To charge tickets by phone, call 817-212-4280 in Fort Worth; 1-877-212-4280 (toll free) outside Fort Worth; or order online at Tickets are also available at the Bass Performance Hall ticket office at 525 Commerce Street. For group sales, call 817-212-4248.

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