On Your Feet had us on our feet, we loved She Loves Me, and Something Rotten was anything but!

Performing Arts Fort Worth marketing staff here with another update from New York, where we’re attending The Broadway League’s 27th annual Spring Road Conference. 

We’ve spent the past few days discussing with our industry peers hot topics in the Broadway world, from booking shows to uncovering new ways to reach new audiences. The great thing about this conference is the amount of passion and enthusiasm attendees bring to these sessions. We always come home with a lot of new ideas.

We also come home with a lot of ticket stubs. Our days here may be devoted to panel discussions but our nights belong to the shows. Among our team of five, we’ve seen nearly a dozen shows, and we still have a day or two to go.

One of our favorites has been On Your Feet!, a musical based on the life and career of influential pop singer Gloria Estefan. It’s truly an inspirational show that’ll lift your spirits and move your feet. As producers in the show through the Independent Presenters Network, we look forward to bringing it to Bass Hall.

She Loves Me has been one of our favorite shows.

We can’t gush enough about the musical revival She Loves Me. The movie You’ve Got Mail was based on it. The show follows a similar storyline about love-stricken pen pals.

Also very impressive was Bright Star, the bluegrass-driven musical written by Steve Martin and Dallas-bred singer Edie Brickell. Both made cameo appearances at the conference yesterday.

Another show we absolutely loved was Something Rotten!, a musical comedy about Shakespeare that had us rolling in the aisles from the second the curtain went up. It’s another show we’re hoping to bring to the Hall in the future.

Later this week we’ll offer thoughts on some of the other shows we’re seeing, including Waitress, The Humans, Shuffle Along and, yes, Hamilton. We’re seeing it soon!

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